Language settings in Watch Face Studio

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In Watch Face Studio (WFS) you can design watch faces that display language-specific content.

The following features can display localized content:

  • Digital clock component
  • Labels

Digital clock component

WFS content is automatically adjusted to match the language setting of the phone with which the watch is paired. In your watch design, select a default language. If the language selected on the phone isn't supported by WFS, the default language is displayed instead.

Configure a digital clock component

The following example shows how to add a digital clock component and set the language.

  1. Add a digital clock component to your watch face.
  2. With the component selected, go to the Properties window.
  3. In the Type section, select Time Zone and Local Calendar.
  4. Click Settings to open the language setting dialog and select the language used for localization.

language settings


When you build your watch face, you can add localized labels to components and select which language the labels are in. Labels are displayed when the user long presses components on the watch face.

If the phone's language isn't supported, the default language is displayed on the label.

Configure a label

The following example shows how to add localized labels. Labels are configured when you build the watch face.

  1. Once the watch face design is completed, click the build icon to build your watch face.
  2. In the Build window, update the default label.

    language settings

  3. Select the Localization checkbox.

    language settings

  4. Select the language and country codes. Language codes are based on ISO 639-1 and country codes are based on ISO 3166-2.

  5. Add any additional languages and other localized content.