Manage a Watch Face Studio project

A project in Watch Face Studio (WFS) contains everything that defines your watch face, from assets to build configurations. When you start a new project, Watch Face Studio creates the necessary structure for all your files. This guide provides an overview of the key components that make up your project.

Project files

The following list describes the most important files and folders within each project:

  • workspace folder: Contains project files and build outputs.
  • Project settings file: Contains the following settings.
    • Project location: Sets the location that your project uses.
    • View: Sets the properties for Grid, Guidelines, and Snap.
    • Edit: Allows you to edit layer-specific configurations.

Additionally, WFS supports importing GWD project files from Galaxy Watch Studio. Some components and settings may not be imported because of operating system differences. Encrypted GWD project files can’t be imported. To import your GWD, go to Files > Import GWD.

Create a project

If you don't have a project opened, WFS shows the landing page. Otherwise create a new project. 1. Click New Project. If you already have a project opened, create a new project by selecting File > New Project from the menu bar. 2. Specify the width and height of your watch face. 3. Click Create.


Open an existing project

To open an existing local project in WFS, follow these steps:

  1. Click File > New > Open Project.
  2. In the open project window, navigate to the root directory of the project you want to open.
  3. Click OK to open the project.

Alternatively, you can open existing projects in the following ways:

  • In WFS, go to Menu bar > New Project > Recent, then select your project.
  • Double-click a project file directly from a folder.