Kotlin fundamentals

  1. The following code will print "Divisible by 5" if number is equal to 25.
    if (number % 10 == 0) {
      println("Divisible by 10")
    } else if (number == 5) {
      println("Divisible by 5")
  2. Which of the following conditions are satisfied when x = 5?

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  3. Which is not a basic concept of object-oriented programming
  4. Which are the four visibility modifiers in Kotlin?
  5. The ___ keyword is used to call a method from the parent class.
  6. A(n) ___ defines properties or methods that a class needs to implement.
  7. Which of the following is best represented by a nullable type?
  8. The ___ operator allows you to call a method only if the object is non-null.
  9. Which is not true of functions in Kotlin?
  10. A function literal is another name for a ___