Other testing tools

Here are some other tools that help you set up and manage tests:

  • Espresso Test Recorder provides a quick, interactive way to start testing common user actions and visual elements of your app. To create a basic test using Espresso Test Recorder, use the tool to record yourself interacting with your app using an Android Virtual Device. To configure more advanced testing scenarios, use the Espresso API.
  • For a more hands-off approach, App Crawler automatically tests user actions without the need to write or maintain any code. You can configure some specific inputs, such as login credentials, in addition to the opaque-box testing.
  • For stress-testing your app, use the Monkey. The Monkey is a command-line tool that sends a pseudo-random stream of user events into the emulator instance or device under test. You can configure high level options, such as the percentage of touch and motion events to test.