@Incubating object MultipleArtifact.ASSETS : Artifact, Artifact.Multiple, MultipleArtifact, Artifact.Appendable, Artifact.Transformable, Artifact.Replaceable

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Assets that will be packaged in the resulting APK or Bundle.

When used as an input, the content will be the merged assets. For the APK, the assets will be compressed before packaging.

When using OutOperationRequest.toAppendTo method is used to append assets for packaging, no handling is provided in case of conflicts. In other words, you cannot have conflicts when adding to the assets. If there can be conflicts, InAndOutDirectoryOperationRequest.toTransformMany should be used to process all inputs and handle the conflicts before writing out the transformed assets.


Inherited functions

From class Artifact
open String
open String

Provide a unique name for the artifact type.