Wear OS

Learn about Wear OS, an Android-based operating system optimized for the wrist.


Principles of Wear OS development

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Learn how to tailor your app for a wearable device.

Wear OS user interfaces

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Learn about the surfaces you can build for on Wear OS.


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For some tasks, users need more space and more interactivity than can be provided within a complication or tile. Read more to learn how to create an app.

Watch faces

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Learn about the Watch Face Format, the recommended way to design a watch face for Wear OS.



The Tiles Jetpack library provides easy access to the app data users need in order to complete tasks. With a quick swipe from the watch face, users can scroll through their tiles to see information and actions from their favorite services. Learn how to build your first tile in this codelab.

Ongoing activities

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The Ongoing Activity API allows users to stay more enaged with long-running activities. Learn how to use it in this codelab.

Wear OS versus mobile development

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Learn about the similarities and differences between mobile development and Wear OS development.

User input

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Learn the basics of handling input from the user on their wrist.