IsolatedWorker Interface with methods that need to be implemented to handle requests from the OS to an IsolatedService
KeyValueStore An interface to a read-only key-value store. 
MutableKeyValueStore An interface to a read-write key-value store. 


AppInfo Information about apps. 
DownloadCompletedInput The input data for IsolatedWorker.onDownloadCompleted(android.adservices.ondevicepersonalization.DownloadCompletedInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
DownloadCompletedOutput The result returned by IsolatedWorker.onDownloadCompleted(android.adservices.ondevicepersonalization.DownloadCompletedInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
DownloadCompletedOutput.Builder A builder for DownloadCompletedOutput 
EventInput The input data for IsolatedWorker.onEvent(android.adservices.ondevicepersonalization.EventInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
EventLogRecord Data to be logged in the EVENTS table. 
EventLogRecord.Builder A builder for EventLogRecord 
EventOutput The result returned by IsolatedWorker#onEvent(EventInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
EventOutput.Builder A builder for EventOutput 
EventUrlProvider Generates event tracking URLs for a request. 
ExecuteInput The input data for IsolatedWorker#onExecute(ExecuteInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
ExecuteOutput The result returned by IsolatedWorker#onExecute(ExecuteInput, java.util.function.Consumer) in response to a call to OnDevicePersonalizationManager#execute(ComponentName, PersistableBundle, java.util.concurrent.Executor, OutcomeReceiver) from a client app. 
ExecuteOutput.Builder A builder for ExecuteOutput 
FederatedComputeInput The input data for FederatedComputeScheduler#schedule(FederatedComputeScheduler.Params, FederatedComputeInput) 
FederatedComputeInput.Builder A builder for FederatedComputeInput 
FederatedComputeScheduler Handles scheduling federated learning and federated analytic jobs. 
FederatedComputeScheduler.Params The parameters related to job scheduling. 
IsolatedService Base class for services that are started by ODP on a call to OnDevicePersonalizationManager#execute(ComponentName, PersistableBundle, java.util.concurrent.Executor, OutcomeReceiver) and run in an isolated process
LogReader An interface to a read logs from REQUESTS and EVENTS Used as a Data Access Object for the REQUESTS and EVENTS table. 
OnDevicePersonalizationManager OnDevicePersonalizationManager provides APIs for apps to load an IsolatedService in an isolated process and interact with it. 
RenderingConfig Information returned by IsolatedWorker#onExecute(ExecuteInput, java.util.function.Consumer) that is used in a subesequent call to IsolatedWorker#onRender(RenderInput, java.util.function.Consumer) to identify the content to be displayed in a single View
RenderingConfig.Builder A builder for RenderingConfig 
RenderInput The input data for IsolatedWorker#onRender(RenderInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
RenderOutput The result returned by IsolatedWorker#onRender(RenderInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
RenderOutput.Builder A builder for RenderOutput 
RequestLogRecord Contains data that will be written to the REQUESTS table at the end of a call to IsolatedWorker#onExecute(ExecuteInput, java.util.function.Consumer)
RequestLogRecord.Builder A builder for RequestLogRecord 
RequestToken An opaque token that identifies the current request to an IsolatedService
SurfacePackageToken An opaque reference to content that can be displayed in a SurfaceView
TrainingExampleInput The input data for IsolatedWorker#onTrainingExample(TrainingExampleInput, Consumer) 
TrainingExampleOutput The output data of IsolatedWorker#onTrainingExample(TrainingExampleInput, Consumer) 
TrainingExampleOutput.Builder A builder for TrainingExampleOutput 
TrainingInterval Training interval settings required for federated computation jobs. 
TrainingInterval.Builder A builder for TrainingInterval 
UserData User data provided by the platform to an IsolatedService


OnDevicePersonalizationException Exception thrown by OnDevicePersonalization APIs.