Confirmation overlay

Confirmation overlays display a temporary message expressing a state change at the top of the current view.


Confirmation overlays are available in three variations: confirmation, failure, and open on phone.


In most cases, an explicit confirmation is not needed. A visible change in the UI is enough to show that an action succeeded. If the user’s action is not visible in the UI, use the confirmation overlay to give the necessary feedback to the user. It's better to show a change in the UI itself rather than showing a confirmation overlay.


Figure 1. Add a message to your message history instead of showing a confirmation overlay.


Figure 2. If a change in action doesn’t display in the UI, show a confirmation overlay.


Display a failure message when a process fails, such as “phone can’t be reached.”


Figure 3. Failure overlay

Open on phone

When an activity triggered from a wearable device is opened on the user’s phone, display a confirmation that this has occurred.


Figure 4. Open on phone overlay