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AccessibilityChecks A class to enable automated accessibility checks in Espresso tests. 
AccessibilityChecks This class is deprecated. use AccessibilityChecks instead.  
ActiveRootLister Provides access to all root views in an application. 
ActivityLifecycleCallback Callback for monitoring activity lifecycle events. 
ActivityLifecycleMonitor Interface for tests to use when they need to query the activity lifecycle state. 
ActivityLifecycleMonitorRegistry An exposed registry instance to make it easy for callers to find the lifecycle monitor for their application. 
ActivityLifecycles Helper methods to understand ActivityLifecycle of the app. 
ActivityResultFunction Function that returns an Instrumentation.ActivityResult, to be called by ERROR(/ResettingStubberImpl#getActivityResultFunctionForIntent)
ActivityResultMatchers Hamcrest matchers for a Instrumentation.ActivityResult
ActivityTestRule<T extends Activity> This rule provides functional testing of a single Activity
AdapterDataLoaderAction Forces an AdapterView to ensure that the data matching a provided data matcher is loaded into the current view hierarchy. 
AdapterViewProtocol A sadly necessary layer of indirection to interact with AdapterViews. 
AdapterViewProtocol.AdaptedData A holder that associates a data object from an AdapterView with a token the AdapterViewProtocol can use to force that data object to be rendered as a child or deeper descendant of the adapter view. 
AdapterViewProtocol.DataFunction A custom function that is applied when getData() is executed. 
AdapterViewProtocols Implementations of AdapterViewProtocol for standard SDK Widgets. 
AmbiguousElementMatcherException An exception which indicates that for a given XPath there were multiple Elements found when only 1 element was expected. 
AmbiguousViewMatcherException An exception which indicates that a Matcher matched multiple views in the hierarchy when only one view was expected. 
AmbiguousViewMatcherException.Builder Builder for AmbiguousViewMatcherException
AndroidJUnit4 Aliases the current default Android JUnit 4 class runner, for future-proofing. 
AndroidJUnitRunner An Instrumentation that runs JUnit3 and JUnit4 tests against an Android package (application). 
ApplicationLifecycleCallback Callback for monitoring application lifecycle events. 
ApplicationLifecycleMonitor Interface for tests to use when they need to be informed of the application lifecycle state. 
ApplicationLifecycleMonitorRegistry An exposed registry instance to make it easy for callers to find the application lifecycle monitor for their application. 
ApplicationStage An enumeration of the lifecycle stages an application undergoes that can be monitored. 
AppNotIdleException An exception which indicates that the App has not become idle even after the specified duration. 
Atom<R> An Atom is a thin wrapper around javascript. 
AtomAction<E> A ViewAction which causes the provided Atom to be evaluated within a webview. 
Atoms Utility class wrapping simple and more commonly used atoms. 
AtraceLogger Class contains helper methods to dump atrace info asynchronously while running the test case. 


BasicScreenCaptureProcessor A basic ScreenCaptureProcessor for processing a ScreenCapture
Beta Signifies that a public API (public class, method or field) is subject to incompatible changes, or even removal, in a future release. 
Bindable Interface that can be implemented by classes that provide an IBinder
BoundedMatcher<T, S extends T> Some matcher sugar that lets you create a matcher for a given type but only process items of a specific subtype of that matcher. 
BundleMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers to match Bundle objects. 

By is a utility class which enables the creation of BySelectors in a concise manner. 

BySelector A BySelector specifies criteria for matching UI elements during a call to findObject(BySelector)


Checks Substitute for Guava Preconditions to avoid guava as a dep. 
CloseKeyboardAction Closes soft keyboard. 
ComponentNameMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers to match ComponentName objects. 
Configurator Allows you to set key parameters for running uiautomator tests. 
ConstructorInvocation Reflectively invokes the constructor of a declared class. 
Converter<I, O> Converts input to output. 
CoordinatesProvider Interface to implement calculation of Coordinates. 
CountingIdlingResource An implementation of IdlingResource that determines idleness by maintaining an internal counter. 
CursorMatchers A collection of Hamcrest matchers that matches a data row in a Cursor
CursorMatchers.CursorMatcher A Matcher that matches Cursors based on values in their columns. 


DataInteraction An interface to interact with data displayed in AdapterViews. 
DataInteraction.DisplayDataMatcher Internal matcher that is required for onData(Matcher)
Default Annotates a default provider. 
DefaultFailureHandler Espresso's default FailureHandler
Direction An enumeration used to specify the primary direction of certain gestures. 
DisableOnAndroidDebug The DisableOnAndroidDebug Rule allows you to label certain rules to be disabled when debugging. 
DomMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers for objects in the org.w3c.dom package (such as Document and Element). 
DrawerActions Espresso actions for using a DrawerLayout
DrawerMatchers Hamcrest matchers for a DrawerLayout
DriverAtoms A collection of Javascript Atoms from the WebDriver project. 


EditorAction Performs whatever editor (IME) action is available on a view. 
ElementReference A reference to a javascript element existing within a WebView. 
EnableJavascriptAction Forcibly enables Javascript on a WebView. 
Espresso Entry point to the Espresso framework. 
EspressoException Used for identifying an exception as coming from the Espresso framework. 
EspressoKey Class that wraps the key code and meta state of the desired key press. 
EspressoKey.Builder Builder for the EspressoKey class. 
EspressoOptional<T> This class is a wrapper around Optional in order to avoid having public references to Guava API. 
EspressoRemote A singleton class that facilitates communication between other Espresso instance that may be running in different processes. 
EspressoRemoteMessage Transforms an Espresso remote message from and to a proto message. 
EspressoRemoteMessage.From<T, M> Transforms a proto message of type M into a class of type T. 
EspressoRemoteMessage.To<M> Transforms a class implementing this interface to a proto message. 
Evaluation Represents the results of a Javascript execution. 
EventCondition<R> An EventCondition is a condition which depends on an event or series of events having occurred. 


FailureHandler Handles failures that happen during test execution. 
FieldDescriptor Provides additional meta data about a Field declared in a class. 
FlakyTest Designates a test as being flaky (non-deterministic). 


GeneralClickAction Enables clicking on views. 
GeneralLocation Calculates coordinate position for general locations. 
GeneralSwipeAction Enables swiping across a view. 
GenericRemoteMessage Generic implementation of the EspressoRemoteMessage interface, which uses reflection for proto message serialization and deserialization. 
GfxMonitor Annotation used to configure a gfx monitor. 
GrantPermissionRule The GrantPermissionRule Rule allows granting of runtime permissions on Android M (API 23) and above. 


HasBackgroundMatcher Matcher to match View based on its background resource. 
HumanReadables Text converters for various Android objects. 


IAtomActionResultPropagator Enables the ability to propagate results back from a remote ViewAction running in a different process. 
IAutomationSupport Provides auxiliary support for running test cases 
IdlingPolicies Allows users fine grain control over idling policies. 
IdlingPolicy Allows users to control idling idleTimeouts in Espresso. 
IdlingRegistry Handles registering and unregistering of IdlingResources with Espresso from within your application code. 
IdlingResource Represents a resource of an application under test which can cause asynchronous background work to happen during test execution (e.g. 
IdlingResource.ResourceCallback Registered by an IdlingResource to notify Espresso of a transition to idle. 
IdlingResourceRegistry Keeps track of user-registered IdlingResources
IdlingResourceTimeoutException Indicates that an IdlingResource, which has been registered with the framework, has not idled within the allowed time. 
IdlingScheduledThreadPoolExecutor A ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor that can be registered as an IdlingResource with Espresso. 
IdlingThreadPoolExecutor A ThreadPoolExecutor that can be registered as an IdlingResource with Espresso. 
IdlingUiController Similar to UiController but with one additional method that enables getting an instance of IdlingResourceRegistry
InjectEventSecurityException An checked Exception indicating that event injection failed with a SecurityException
InstrumentationRegistry An exposed registry instance that holds a reference to the instrumentation running in the process and its arguments. 
IntentCallback Callback for monitoring Intents captured by Instrumentation
IntentMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers for matching Intent objects. 
IntentMonitor Interface for tests to use when they need to monitor intents used to start activities from the current Instrumentation
IntentMonitorRegistry Exposes an implementation of IntentMonitor to users. 
Intents Intents enables validation and stubbing of intents sent out by the application under test. 
IntentsTestRule<T extends Activity> This rule makes it easy to use Espresso-Intents APIs in functional UI tests. 
IntentStubber Interface to intercept activity launch for a given Intent and stub Instrumentation.ActivityResult its response. 
IntentStubberRegistry Exposes an implementation of IntentStubber
InteractionRequest Encapsulates an UiInteraction.InteractionRequestProto request. 
InteractionRequest.Builder Creates an instance of InteractionRequest from a View matcher and action. 
InteractionResponse Encapsulates a UiInteraction.InteractionResultProto request. 
InteractionResponse.Builder Builder for InteractionResponse  
InteractionResponse.RemoteError TODO(b/31122396): parse this from a proto Enum representing wire protocol error codes and their default description. 
InteractionResponse.Status The status of this interaction response. 
InterceptingActivityFactory Implement this interface to provide custom implementation of Activity under test. 
InterruptableUiController Similar to UiController but with one additional method that enables interrupting Espresso tasks. 


JankTest Annotation used to configure a jank test method. 
JankTestBase Base test class for measuring Jank. 
JSONAble Allows implementors to instruct ModelCodec on how to encode this object as JSON. 
JSONAble.DeJSONFactory Allows implementors to replace a JSONObject (representated as a map) with a more applicable object. 


KeyEventAction Enables pressing KeyEvents on views. 


LargeTest Annotation to assign a large test size qualifier to a test. 
LayoutAssertions A collection of layout ViewAssertions. 
LayoutMatchers A collection of hamcrest matches to detect typical layout issues. 
Locator Valid WebDriver locatorType types. 


MainThread Annotates an Executor that executes tasks on the main thread  
MediumTest Annotation to assign a medium test size qualifier to a test. 
ModelCodec Encodes/Decodes JSON. 
MonitoringInstrumentation An instrumentation that enables several advanced features and makes some hard guarantees about the state of the application under instrumentation. 
MonitoringInstrumentation.ActivityFinisher Loops through all the activities that have not yet finished and explicitly calls finish on them. 
MotionEvents Facilitates sending of motion events to a UiController
MotionEvents.DownResultHolder Holds the result of a down motion. 


NavigationViewActions View actions for interacting with NavigationView  
NoActivityResumedException An exception which indicates that there are no activities in stage RESUMED. 
NoMatchingRootException Indicates that a given matcher did not match any Roots (windows) from those that are currently available. 
NoMatchingViewException Indicates that a given matcher did not match any elements in the view hierarchy. 
NoMatchingViewException.Builder Builder for NoMatchingViewException
NoopRemoteInteraction Noop RemoteInteraction object  
NoRemoteEspressoInstanceException An Exception which indicates that there are no remote Espresso clients present. 


OngoingStubbing Supports method chaining after @Intents#intending method call. 
OpenLinkAction Invokes onClick of a link within a TextView (made with Linkify or via another method). 


PerformException Indicates that an exception occurred while performing a ViewAction on the UI thread. 
PerformException.Builder Builder for PerformException
PermissionRequester Requests a runtime permission on devices running Android M (API 23) and above. 
PickerActions Espresso action for interacting with DatePicker and TimePicker
PositionAssertions A collection of ViewAssertions for checking relative position of elements on the screen. 
PrecisionDescriber Interface to implement size of click area. 
PreferenceMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers that match Preferences. 
Press Returns different touch target sizes. 
PressBackAction Performs an Android press back action  
ProtoUtils Contains various utility methods to ease use of protos and increased readability in code. 
ProviderTestRule A TestRule to test ContentProviders, with additional APIs to enable easy initialization such as restoring database from a file, running database commands passed in as a String or a file. 
ProviderTestRule.Builder A Builder to ease ProviderTestRule creation. 


RecyclerViewActions ViewActions to interact RecyclerView
RecyclerViewActions.PositionableRecyclerViewAction Most RecyclerViewActions are given a matcher to select a particular view / viewholder within the RecyclerView. 
RemoteDescriptor Descriptor object containing all the required information to serialize and deserialize a type to and from a proto. 
RemoteDescriptor.Builder Builder for RemoteDescriptor  
RemoteDescriptorRegistry A registry for registering remote descriptors. 
RemoteEspressoException Espresso exception representing any runtime related errors in a multi-process environment  
RemoteInteraction Facilitates communication between other Espresso instance that may be running in different processes. 
RemoteInteractionRegistry An exposed registry instance to make it easy for callers to get a hold of Remote Interaction  
RemoteProtocolException Espresso exception representing any protocol related errors in a multi-process environment  
RepeatActionUntilViewState Enables performing a given action on a view until it reaches desired state matched by given View matcher. 
ReplaceTextAction Replaces view text by setting EditTexts text property to given String. 
RequestPermissionCallable Base class for runtime permission Callables. 
RequestPermissionCallable.Result Result of a permission request. 
RequiresDevice Indicates that a specific test should not be run on emulator. 
ResettingStubber A sneaky singleton object used to respond to intents with fake responses. 
ResettingStubberImpl Implementation of ResettingStubber  
ResolvedIntent An Intent that has been processed to determine the set of packages to which it resolves. 
Root Represents a root view in the application and optionally the layout params of the window holding it. 
RootMatchers A collection of matchers for Root objects. 
RootViewPicker Provides the root View of the top-most Window, with which the user can interact. 
RootViewPickerScope Scope for components that use RootViewPicker


ScreenCapture A ScreenCapture contains a bitmap of a device screen along with a set of ScreenCaptureProcessors that will be used to process the ScreenCapture when process() is called. 
ScreenCaptureProcessor Interface for an object that is capable of processing ScreenCaptures. 
Screenshot The Screenshot instance provides methods to capture a ScreenCapture during instrumentation tests run on an android device. 
ScrollToAction Enables scrolling to the given view. 
SdkSuppress Indicates that a specific test or class requires a minimum or maximum API Level to execute. 
SearchCondition<R> A SearchCondition is a condition that is satisfied by searching for UI elements. 
ServiceTestRule A JUnit rule that provides a simplified mechanism to start and shutdown your service before and after the duration of your test. 
ShellCommand Ideally we wouldn't need this abstraction but since UiAutomation is final we need an abstraction on top to be able to mock it in tests. 
SimpleAtom A simple implementation of Atom suitable for subclassing. 
SimpleAtom.ElementReferencePlacement Controls whether the ElementReference appears as the first arg or last arg to the script. 
SingleActivityFactory<T extends Activity> Abstract implementation of InterceptingActivityFactory which allows to intercept only one activity at a time. 
SmallTest Annotation to assign a small test size qualifier to a test. 
Stage An enumeration of the lifecycle stages an activity undergoes. 
StaleObjectException A StaleObjectException exception is thrown when a UiObject2 is used after the underlying View has been destroyed. 
Suppress Use this annotation on test classes or test methods that should not be included in a test suite. 
Swipe Executes different swipe types to given positions. 
Swiper Interface to implement different swipe types. 
Swiper.Status The result of the swipe. 


TagSoupDocumentParser Uses TagSoup to parse html into Documents. 
Tap Executes different click types to given position. 
Tapper Interface to implement different click types. 
Tapper.Status The result of the tap. 
TransformingAtom<I, O> Decorates another atom and transforms its output to another type. 
TransformingAtom.Transformer<I, O> Converts input to output. 
TreeIterables Utility methods for iterating over tree structured items. 
TreeIterables.ViewAndDistance Represents the distance a given view is from the root view. 
TypeProtoConverters Converters from Any proto messages to their unwrapped target types. 
TypeTextAction Enables typing text on views. 


UiAutomationWrapper Wrapper for UiAutomation object. 
UiAutomatorInstrumentationTestRunner Test runner for UiAutomatorTestCases. 
UiAutomatorTestCase This class is deprecated. It is no longer necessary to extend UiAutomatorTestCase. You can use getInstance(Instrumentation) from any test class as long as you have access to an Instrumentation instance.  
UiCollection Used to enumerate a container's UI elements for the purpose of counting, or targeting a sub elements by a child's text or description. 
UiController Provides base-level UI operations (such as injection of MotionEvents) that can be used to build user actions such as clicks, scrolls, swipes, etc. 
UiDevice UiDevice provides access to state information about the device. 
UiObject A UiObject is a representation of a view. 
UiObject2 A UiObject2 represents a UI element. 
UiObject2Condition<R> A UiObject2Condition is a condition which is satisfied when a UiObject2 is in a particular state. 
UiObjectNotFoundException Generated in test runs when a UiSelector selector could not be matched to any UI element displayed. 
UiScrollable UiScrollable is a UiCollection and provides support for searching for items in scrollable layout elements. 
UiSelector Specifies the elements in the layout hierarchy for tests to target, filtered by properties such as text value, content-description, class name, and state information. 
UiThreadTest Methods annotated with this annotation will be executed on the application's UI thread (or main thread). 
UiThreadTestRule This class is deprecated. use UiThreadTest directly without this rule. UiThreadTest is now supported as part of the core Android test runner to provide the ability to run methods annotated with @Before and @After on the UI thread regardless of what @Test is annotated with.  
UiWatcher See registerWatcher(String, UiWatcher) on how to register a a condition watcher to be called by the automation library. 
Until The Until class provides factory methods for constructing common conditions. 
UriIdlingResource An implementation of IdlingResource useful for monitoring idleness of network traffic. 
UriIdlingResource.HandlerIntf Wraps a Handler object. 
UriMatchers A collection of matchers for Uris, which can match Uris on their properties (host, path, ...). 
UsageTrackerFacilitator Helper class to enable/disable usage tracker in the runner. 


VerifiableIntent A ResolvedIntent that can be marked as verified. 
VerificationMode An interface for different modes of verifying intents. 
VerificationModes Implementations of VerificationMode
ViewAction Responsible for performing an interaction on the given View element. 
ViewActions A collection of common ViewActions
ViewAssertion Responsible for performing assertions on a View element. 
ViewAssertions Collection of common ViewAssertions
ViewFinder Uses matchers to locate particular views within the view hierarchy. 
ViewFinderImpl Implementation of ViewFinder
ViewInteraction Provides the primary interface for test authors to perform actions or asserts on views. 
ViewInteractionComponent Dagger component for view interaction classes. 
ViewMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers that match Views. 
ViewMatchers.Visibility Enumerates the possible list of values for getVisibility()
ViewPagerActions Espresso actions for interacting with a ViewPager


Web An Entry Point to work with WebViews on Android. 
Web.WebInteraction<R> Analogous to a ViewInteraction or a DataInteraction, a WebInteraction exposes a fluent API to the underlying WebView. 
WebAssertion<E> Similar to a ViewAssertion, a WebAssertion allows users to check the results of an atom evaluated against the provided WebView
WebViewAssertions A collection of WebAssertions that assert on WebViews. 
WebViewAssertions.ResultDescriber<E> Converts a result to a String. 
WindowReference A reference to a javascript window/frame existing within a WebView.