public static final class ConversationActions.Message
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.textclassifier.ConversationActions.Message

Represents a message in the conversation.


Nested classes

class ConversationActions.Message.Builder

Builder class to construct a ConversationActions.Message  


public static final Person PERSON_USER_OTHERS

Represents the remote user.

public static final Person PERSON_USER_SELF

Represents the local user.

Public methods

static ConversationActions.Message createFromBundle(Bundle bundle)

Converts a bundle that was created using toBundle() to a ConversationActions.Message.

Person getAuthor()

Returns the person that composed the message.

Bundle getExtras()

Returns the extended data related to this conversation action.

Long getReferenceTime()

Returns the reference time of the message, for example it could be the compose or send time of this message.

CharSequence getText()

Returns the text of the message.

Bundle toBundle()

Adds this object to a Bundle that can be read back with the same parameters to createFromBundle(Bundle).

Inherited methods