Test app feedback

After updating your app to support sending feedback in the form of keyed app states, you can use the guidance on this page to set up unit tests and send test feedback to a test device policy controller (DPC).

Set up unit tests

This section provides examples of how to set up unit tests to check that your app interacts with keyed app states as expected.

Step 1: Set up your classes to accept KeyedAppStatesReporter as a parameter

Instead of calling create() directly, modify your classes to accept KeyedAppStatesReporter as a parameter like in the example BatteryManager class below:


class BatteryManager(val reporter:KeyedAppStatesReporter) {
  fun lowBattery(battery:Int) {
           .setMessage("Battery is low")


public class BatteryManager {
    private final KeyedAppStatesReporter reporter;
    public BatteryManager(KeyedAppStatesReporter reporter) {
        this.reporter = reporter;

    public void lowBattery(int battery) {
        final Collection states = new HashSet<>();
            .setMessage("Battery is low")

Next, use KeyedAppStatesReporter.create to get an instance to pass wherever BatteryManager is created.

Step 2: Add the enterprise feedback testing library to your build.gradle file

Add the following dependency to your app's build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    testImplementation 'androidx.enterprise:enterprise-feedback-testing:1.0.0'

Step 3: Create a FakeKeyedAppStatesReporter and pass it into your class


val reporter = FakeKeyedAppStatesReporter();
val batteryManager = BatteryManager(reporter);


FakeKeyedAppStatesReporter reporter = new FakeKeyedAppStatesReporter();
BatteryManager batteryManager = new BatteryManager(reporter);

Step 4: Assert interactions with FakeKeyedAppStatesReporter

For example, to check that no states have been set:





Or that a particular state has been requested to be uploaded:





Send test feedback to Test DPC

A sample device policy controller, called Test DPC, is capable of receiving app feedback and is available for download.

Step 1: Install Test DPC

Install the latest version of Test DPC from the Play Store. Next, set Test DPC as the admin of the device:

adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.afwsamples.testdpc/.DeviceAdminReceiver

Step 2: Enable App feedback notifications

In Test DPC's menu, enable App feedback notifications.

enable notifications

Trigger an event that set a keyed app state. If successful, Test DPC will show the feedback in notifications:

feedback displayed