Build a calling app

Use the Telecom Jetpack library to offer the best video and audio experiences to your users. With the Telecom framework, you get call and notification management, foreground support and more. The new Jetpack library adds support for:

  • Call streaming and transfer
  • Android Auto and Wear OS integration
  • Backward compatibility

To learn more about how to build a calling app with the Telecom library, check out the Telecom guide.

Supported telecom devices

Starting with Android 7 (API level 21), most phones support the Telecom framework, and they must do so for SIM-based phone calls to work. For devices like tablets, which don't traditionally require a Telephony implementation, Android 14 (API level 34) introduces new requirements that mandate a proper Telecom framework implementation for tablets that support VoIP.

Use PackageManager to see if the device supports Telecom: