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Expand the user experience with large screens

Large screens enable users to see more, do more, experience more. Create an immersive, engaging user experience on large screens with layouts that resize and reconfigure to optimize presentation, interactivity, usability.

Expand your opportunities

More than 270 million active large screen Android devices
Increased user engagement for large screen-optimized apps
Layouts and tools for accelerated large screen optimization

Inspired designs

Proven design patterns

Canonical layouts — Navigation components

The large screen canonical layouts ensure an optimal user experience on all large screen form factors—tablets, foldables, ChromeOS devices—while also supporting all phone sizes. Navigation rail and drawer components provide out-of-the way navigation for UI convenience and control.

Enables one-tap/one-click access to descriptive, explanatory, or other supplementary information for content organized in lists.
Arranges content elements in an expansive grid, associating elements by size and placement, drawing attention to elements using proportion and scale.
Organizes apps into primary and secondary display areas to keep content uncluttered and tools, options, and settings close at hand.
Complement the canonical layouts by positioning primary navigation destinations within easy reach while occupying a minimum of screen space.

Window size classes

Android's window size classes help you support screens of all sizes for an optimal user experience on devices of all kinds.
< 600 dp
600 - 840 dp
> 840 dp

Differentiated experiences

Large screens enable user experiences not possible on small screen phones. Large screens make multitasking, drag and drop, picture-in-picture mode, and stylus input more practicable and productive. Foldables in tabletop and book posture create a user experience no other device can duplicate.

Build better with Android

Show more messages, more notifications, more conversations. Enable users to access content quickly and easily. Empower users to create better content faster.
Showcase your app on the big screen. Make movies and music easier to browse, preview, and play. Engage users in an immersive, lean-back media experience.
Increase user productivity with multitasking and drag and drop on expansive large screens. Show more tools, controls, comments, more of everything users need to be productive.
Give users a bigger window for window-shopping, for side-by-side comparison shopping, to filter and find products, share bargains with friends, and curate wish lists.
Enable users to enjoy reading at home and on the go. Improve readability. Reduce eyestrain. Make your app a must-have for bookworms and bibliophiles.