Your phone is your go-to tool for daily tasks. For tasks big and small, go for the extended capabilities of large screens.
Show more items and more item detail in a wide-open display that invites close inspection.
Supporting pane
Give users access to more tools, larger palettes, more settings without obscuring content or hindering workflow.
Supporting pane
Enable reviews and comments on documents directly, on the same screen without obstructing the document or disturbing the context.
Enable intuitive content sharing in a large, unconfined work space that makes drag and drop natural, comfortable, simple—between widespread views in the same app or, in multi-window mode, between apps.
Design tabletop layouts that enable users to drop what they're doing and focus on what’s important—a colleague’s presentation, a video conference call—while still having easy access to other content and app controls hands free.
Get apps working together side by side in multi-window mode, with space for note-taking while reading an article or watching a video.
Accelerate productivity with keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for speedy typing, quick keyboard shortcuts, and more nimble UI interaction and control.

Customer stories

Chrome’s multitasking usage increases 18x on large screens

Chrome users requested more productivity features on tablets, foldables, and phones to better match the capabilities of Chrome on desktop. The Chrome team responded by building multitasking capabilities into the Chrome browser.

WPS Office: Building continuity with Android foldables

Foldable devices are capable of a variety of postures and folded states, offering new possibilities for innovation in mobile office apps. Take a look at how the WPS Office team created an optimized foldable device experience.

Build better with Android

Present users with a bigger showroom for window shopping, side-by-side comparisons, search and discovery, and sharing bargains with friends.
Enable users to enjoy reading at home and on the go. Improve readability. Reduce eyestrain. Make your app a must-have for bookworms and bibliophiles.