LowpanBeaconInfo Describes a LoWPAN Beacon. 
LowpanCredential Describes a network access credential for a LoWPAN. 
LowpanEnergyScanResult Describes the result from one channel of an energy scan. 
LowpanIdentity Describes an instance of a LoWPAN network. 
LowpanIdentity.Builder Builder class for constructing instances of LowpanIdentity. 
LowpanInterface Class for managing a specific Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN) interface. 
LowpanInterface.Callback Callback base class for LowpanInterface
LowpanManager Manager object for looking up LoWPAN interfaces. 
LowpanManager.Callback Callback base class for LowpanManager
LowpanProvisioningParams Describes the information needed to be a part of a specific network. 
LowpanProvisioningParams.Builder Builder class for constructing LowpanProvisioningParams objects. 
LowpanScanner Class for performing active and passive scans. 
LowpanScanner.Callback Callback base class for LowpanScanner


InterfaceDisabledException Exception indicating this operation requires the interface to be enabled. 
JoinFailedAtAuthException Exception indicating the join operation was unable to find the given network. 
JoinFailedAtScanException Exception indicating the join operation was unable to find the given network. 
JoinFailedException Exception indicating the join operation has failed. 
LowpanException Exception base class for LoWPAN-specific exceptions. 
LowpanRuntimeException Runtime exceptions specific to LoWPAN operations. 
NetworkAlreadyExistsException Exception indicating the form operation found a network nearby with the same identity. 
OperationCanceledException Exception indicating this operation was canceled by the driver before it could finish. 
WrongStateException Exception indicating the interface is the wrong state for an operation.