With the ability to publish rapidly to over 2 billion active Android devices, Google Play helps you grow a global audience for your apps and games and earn revenue.
Google Play helps you reach over 2.5 billion active Android devices, including phones, tablets, watches, cars, and TVs.
Protect your apps and games and protect your users with the Play Integrity API.
Sell digital subscriptions and in-app content in 135 countries with hundreds of payment methods on our safe and trusted commerce platform.
Monitor app behavior metrics to help you fix issues that affect your app and game quality, like crashes, unresponsive apps, and app behavior that drains battery life.

Find tools to help with trust, safety, and more

Explore dozens of APIs, guides, docs, and more to help you do everything from monetizing your app to building user trust.
Security & privacy
Protect your apps and games from potentially risky and fraudulent interactions to reduce attacks and abuse.
Develop Android games and deploy them to multiple device types on Android, ChromeOS, and Windows.
Access app-level data from outside Play Console to build internal dashboards, combine datasets, and more.
Get insights and usage data for over 100 commercial SDKs to make informed decisions about whether an SDK is right for you.
Sell digital products and content in your Android app, including subscriptions and special offers.
Build powerful and reliable Android apps for Google Play using the latest Google features and technologies.
Troubleshoot before launch, ensure technical performance, maximize your reach, and more with dozens of built-in features.
Make your app launch a success with tools and strategies to help publish, manage, and distribute your app worldwide
Accelerate your user growth with our reporting and optimization tools, including unique market insights exclusive to Google Play
Create a revenue stream by launching a paid app or offering digital content or subscriptions
Keep users coming back for more with our engagement tools and insights

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