Build a scrollable list

Create an app that displays a scrollable list of text and images using Compose.


Intro to Affirmations app

Video Optional

In this pathway, you’ll build an Affirmations app that will display a list of encouraging messages (or quotes!) that you can read to start off your day on a positive note.

Add a scrollable list


Build the Affirmations app, which displays a scrollable list of text and images.

Change the app icon


Learn about adaptive launcher icons and how to change the app icon for the Affirmations app.

Practice: Build a grid


Apply what you learned while building the Affirmations app to build an app that displays a grid of topics.

What's next?

Video Optional

Congratulations on completing the second pathway! In this pathway you learned about lists and app icons and you built the Affirmations app!


Test your knowledge and earn your Build a scrollable list badge.