Audio and video overview

This section covers the core APIs for handling audio and video data, including use-cases like playback, editing, and recording. You'll also find recommendations on app architecture and descriptions of platform behaviors here.

Jetpack Media3

In most cases, Media3 is our recommended solution for building audio and video experiences. Start here if you're new to developing media features.

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Media3 MediaSession

Meet the Jetpack Media3 library and key APIs for implementing playback use-cases.

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Media3 ExoPlayer

Dive deep into ExoPlayer, a feature rich and extensible media player API included in Media3.

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Media3 Transformer

Explore the Transformer module from Media3, a set of powerful and performant APIs for media editing use-cases.

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Media3 UI

Learn about the default UI components to display video and playback controls in your app.

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Jetpack MediaRouter

Learn about routing playback between devices to create a shared experience.

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Platform APIs and behaviors

Read about media APIs and behaviors that come with the Android platform itself, such as format support and volume control APIs.

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Legacy media APIs

The MediaCompat APIs are no longer updated, but the guides are preserved in this section.

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