Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.0 (Jan 2023)

Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.0 is a major release that includes a variety of new features and improvements.


Minimum version Default version Notes
Gradle 7.5 7.5 To learn more, see updating Gradle.
SDK Build Tools 30.0.3 30.0.3 Install or configure SDK Build Tools.
NDK N/A 23.1.7779620 Install or configure a different version of the NDK.
JDK 11 11 To learn more, see setting the JDK version.

AGP Upgrade Assistant post-upgrade report and rollback functionality

The AGP Upgrade Assistant now includes a post-upgrade report. This report describes the steps that were completed and if the upgrade was successful or unsuccessful. It also includes an action to revert changes that were made by the upgrade assistant, if there are issues building or testing the project after the upgrade.

Project import runs in parallel

The Studio IDE now imports projects in parallel when you use Gradle 7.4.2 or higher and Android Gradle plugin 7.2.0 or higher. Specifically, when Android Studio triggers a Gradle sync, the information that describes projects included in your build is created in parallel. This usually speeds up the syncing process, especially for larger projects. Benchmarks show that the time it takes to build Gradle models for a very large project (with 3,500 Gradle subprojects) is reduced by 50%, from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

Android Gradle plugin targets JVM 11 bytecode

Starting with Android Gradle plugin 7.4.0-alpha04, AGP ships wth JVM 11 bytecode. This means that if you compile against AGP, or write custom Lint checks, you need to start targeting JVM 11 bytecode. One of the ways to do this is to include the following in your module-level build.gradle file:

sourceCompatibility = "11"
targetCompatibility = "11"

Patch releases

The following is a list of the patch releases for Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.

Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.1 (February 2023)

This minor update includes the following bug fixes:

Fixed issues
Migrate from destination property to outputLocation property to address deprecation warning and prepare for Gradle 9.0
AGP 7.4.0-rc01 breaks Variant API with "Querying the mapped value of map(provider(java.util.Set)) before task '...' has completed is not supported"