Review the platform architecture

Health Connect is designed to facilitate fast, convenient integration between client apps and the Health Connect API.

The following diagram shows the integration between a client app and the Health Connect API through the SDK layer and IPC (Inter-Process Communication):


Architecture components

1. Software development kit

The SDK enables the client app to communicate with the Health Connect APK, over IPC.

2. Client app

To integrate with Health Connect, client apps link the SDK into their health and fitness app. This provides an API surface that facilitates interaction with the Health Connect API.

3. Health Connect APK

The Health Connect APK is the main substance of the Health Connect API, and contains both its Permissions Management and Data Management components. The Health Connect APK is made available directly on the user’s device.

4. Permissions management

Health Connect includes a user interface through which apps request a user's permission to display data.

It also provides a list of existing user permissions, allowing users to easily control access to data across multiple applications.

5. Data management

Health Connect provides a user interface with an overview of recorded data, whether it’s a user’s step count, cycling speed, heart rate, or any other supported data types.