Handle exercise events

Health Services provides support for ExerciseEvents, which notify your app when an event has occurred during an exercise and supply associated metadata.

Add dependencies

Using exercise events requires the latest version of the Health Services SDK.

To add a dependency on Health Services, you must add the Google Maven repository to your project. For more information, see Google's Maven repository.

Then, in your module-level build.gradle file, add the following dependency:


dependencies {
    implementation "androidx.health:health-services-client:1.1.0-alpha03"


dependencies {

Check capabilities

As with all exercises and data types in Health Services, check capabilities at startup. For ExerciseEvents in particular, in addition to requesting ExerciseCapabilities, use ExerciseTypeCapabilities.supportedExerciseEvents to verify which exercise events are supported for the given exercise. After confirming the particular ExerciseEvent is supported, you should also query the capabilities of the exercise event using getExerciseEventCapabilityDetails.

The following example shows how to query capabilities to confirm the GOLF_SHOT_EVENT is supported, and then confirm that the GOLF_SHOT_EVENT supports Swing Type Classification.

fun handleCapabilities(capabilities: ExerciseCapabilities) {
  val golfCapabilities = capabilities.typeToCapabilities[ExerciseType.GOLF]
  val golfShotEventSupported =
  val golfSwingTypeClassificationSupported =
      ?.isSwingTypeClassificationSupported ?: false

Request exercise events in an exercise

To start the exercise and request an exercise event as part of the exercise, declare the ExerciseConfig for the exercise and add a field for exerciseEventType.

The following example requests GOLF_SHOT_EVENT as part of a GOLF exercise:

val config = ExerciseConfig(
  exerciseType = ExerciseType.GOLF,
  dataTypes = setOf(....),
  // ...
  exerciseEventTypes = setOf(ExerciseEventType.GOLF_SHOT_EVENT),

Register for exercise event updates

You can receive ExerciseEvent updates as part of the existing infrastructure your app has for receiving exercise updates. The following example shows how you would incorporate support for GolfShotEvent updates:

val callback = object : ExerciseUpdateCallback {
  override fun onExerciseUpdateReceived(update: ExerciseUpdate) {
  // [ExerciseEvent] intended to come through with low latency and out of
  // band of onExerciseUpdateReceived()
  override fun onExerciseEventReceived(event: ExerciseEvent) {
    when (event) {
      is GolfShotEvent -> {
        if (it.swingType == GolfShotSwingType.PUTT) {
          println("Putt detected!")