Delight Room increased 90% of its organic US users with Play Console

Delight Room Alarmy is an alarm app that can be turned off only when the pre-selected activities, such as taking a photo, solving a math problem, shaking phone, etc., are performed by the user.

Delight Room product designers completed courses from Play Academy for pre-launch reporting, store listings, user acquisition reporting and setting closed tests, where they learned that Play Console is an effective tool to find and improve app UX or UI issues. Delight Room product designers also tried to grow the business by making the best use of the Play Console features before launching the new subscription products.

What they did

Identifying design issues

The designers were able to better understand accessibility issues, sorted by language and/or device, by checking the pre-launch report in Play Console. They could easily identify and improve issues regarding touch target size and low contrast. Moreover, they analyzed the issues efficiently when filtering user reviews by topic.

Product optimization

They consistently conducted A/B tests to see what features the users needed and what product images the users pursued. They also used user acquisition reports to set priorities among the countries where test store listings would be applied, and tailored store listing information for each country. As a result, the inflow of new users per country was maximized.

New product launch

Using closed beta testing (CBT), the team conducted usability testing, market suitability, and quality checks on new subscription products. Approximately 300 closed beta testers were recruited from pre-existing users and retained over 100 active users during the test. This was conducted separately from open beta testing (OBT) for version updates of regular products, so every feature of the products could be tested before release.


According to Delight Room, U.S. store listing information visitors (i.e., organic users) increased by 91% during the month of experiments. In addition, the rate of conversion for installations in store listing information increased by 26%.

Delight Room product designer Sona Jang said, "I thought that developing visual design was the only thing I could do as a designer. However, as I learned from the Play Academy website, conducting A/B testing and research on user feedback gave me a deeper understanding of the product and users. It was a great chance to grow as a designer especially because closed testing and pre-launch reporting were new routes to gain insight and outcomes even with small resources."

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