Game program attributes

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All game programs have the type attribute TYPE_GAME.

The following table shows the attributes that can be assigned to a game program and links to the corresponding setter in PreviewProgram.Builder. Attributes marked are required, those marked (✔) are optional:

Author (✔)
Availability (✔)
Channel ID
Content ID (✔)
Genre (✔)
Intent URI
Internal Provider ID (✔)
Offer Price (✔)
Poster Art Aspect Ratio
Poster Art URI
Preview Video URI (✔)
Release Date (✔)
Review Rating (✔)
Review Rating Style (✔)
Short Description (✔)
Starting Price (✔)
Thumbnail URI (✔)
Thumbnail Aspect Ratio (✔)
Video Height (✔)
Video Width (✔)
Weight (✔)