Playback controls on TV

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Video playback is one of the most important features on TV. It's important that video players in apps across Android TV behave the same. Here are the recommendations on how video player controls should work on Android TV.


Button Action
Center Play or Pause
Right single press Forward +N seconds
Left single press Rewind -N seconds
Press and hold right Scrubbing forward
Press and hold left Scrubbing rewind
Up or Down Peek information (progress, name, etc...)

Play or Pause

While a video or audio is playing, pressing the D-pad center button should immediately pause the media that is playing and, if applicable, show the media playback controls like the progress bar and play/pause button.

Illustration of play/pause button
When playing, pressing the select or D-pad center button will always pause the video playback. Pressing on the play button again will resume the playback.


Illustration of forward/rewind button
When pressing the left or right button once, the video playback will forward/rewind by X seconds.

Rewind and Fast forward can be controlled either pressing the left or right D-pad buttons when the video is playing or paused. The paying or paused state is maintained when rewinding or fast forwarding.

Peek information

Illustration of peeking information
Uses can press the up/down button to show information about the video without pausing the video playback.

Pressing D-pad up or down should peek up controls but will not pause the video.

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