Build TV playback apps

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Browsing and playing media files is frequently part of the user experience provided by a TV app. Building such an experience from scratch, while making sure that it is fast, fluid, and attractive can be quite challenging. Whether your app provides access to a small or large media catalog, it is important to allow users to quickly browse options and get to the content they want.

The Android framework provides classes for building user interfaces for these types of apps with the Leanback androidx library. This library provides a framework of classes for creating an efficient and familiar interface for browsing and playing media files with minimal coding. The classes are designed to be extended and customized so you can create an experience that is unique to your app.

This class shows you how to build a TV app for browsing and playing media content using the Leanback support libraries for TV.


UI guidance & Leanback API
Implement a media session
Learn how to use a MediaSession to inform Android TV what's playing in your app and allow interactions from outside your app to control media.
Display a Now Playing card
Learn how to use a MediaSession to display a Now Playing card on the home screen.
Manage frame rates
Learn how to manage frame rates using the frame rate API.