Represents the part of a watch face that contains one or more images.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.


<PartImage x="integer" y="integer" width="integer" height="integer"
           pivotX="float" pivotY="float" angle="float-degrees" alpha="integer"
           name="string" scaleX="float" scaleY="float"
           renderMode="[SOURCE | MASK | ALL]"
           tintColor="argb-color | rgb-color">>
    <!-- Image-specific child elements. A "PartImage" element can have any
         number of these elements. -->
    <ImageFilters ... />
        <Image ... />
    <Image ... />

    <!-- Child elements that are shared across all "Part" elements. -->
    <Localization .../>
    <Transform .../>
    <Variant .../>
    <Gyro .../>
    <Launch .../>
    <ScreenReader .../>


The PartImage element has the following attributes:

Required attributes

The following attributes are required:

x, y, width, height
A collection of integers that specify the element's size and position.

Optional attributes

The following attributes are optional:

pivotX, pivotY
A two-dimensional pivot point about which the element rotates. Both values are floating-point numbers that are scaled to fit in the range $ [0, 1] $.
A number of degrees, clockwise, that the element should be rotated about its pivot point.
Set the level of transparency that this element should have. A value of 0 indicates that the element should be completely transparent. A value of 255 indicates that the element should be completely opaque.
A string that identifies this element. Useful if you need to refer to this element from another location within your watch face file.
The horizontal scaling factor to apply to this element.
The vertical scaling factor to apply to this element.
The element's render mode type. Possible values are: SOURCE (default), MASK, or ALL.
Apply a tint color filter to the element. You must specify the color using either the ARGB format (#ff000000 = opaque black) or the RGB format (#000000 = black).

Inner elements

The PartImage element can contain the following inner elements. All elements are optional, and a PartImage element can contain an unlimited number of each inner element -- except for Localization, Gyro, Launch, and ScreenReader, which can appear at most 1 time each.