Provides rendering instructions for a specific instance of BitmapFont that appears in a text-based element.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.


<BitmapFont family="string" size="float"
            color="argb-color | rgb-color">
    <!-- Inner elements consist of text formatting options. Here, "Lower" is
         used as an example. -->
    <Lower ... />


The BitmapFont element has the following attributes. Some attributes are required while others are optional.

Required attributes

The following attributes are required:

A string representing the name of the bitmap character set. This name should match the name given to a standalone BitmapFont element defined elsewhere in the watch face file.
A floating-point value that specifies the bitmap font size.

Optional attributes

The color attribute is optional. If you include this attribute, you must specify the color using either the ARGB format (#ff000000 = opaque black) or the RGB format (#000000 = black).

Inner elements

The BitmapFont element can contains the following inner elements: