Set up your Android project

Create a new Compose project

Android Studio projects need configuration to work with Relay. To start, create a project that supports Jetpack Compose version 1.2 or newer.

  1. In Android Studio, create a new project (File > New > New Project…).
  2. Select Empty Compose Activity and click Next.

    Create new Compose project in Android Studio
  3. Give your project a name. Accept all other defaults, including the language as Kotlin and the minimum SDK as API 21: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and click Finish.

    Android Studio project configuration

Edit module-level Gradle build file

Set up the module-level Gradle build file to use the Relay Gradle plugin.

  1. Open build.gradle (Module: — This can vary based on the name you entered above). This is the module-level Gradle build file.

    Module-level Gradle file in the Android Studio
  2. Add the Relay plugin in the module's Gradle file as shown below, changing the version number as appropriate. Save the file.


    plugins {
      id ''
      id 'kotlin-android'
      id '' version '0.3.12'


    plugins {
      id("") version "0.3.12"
  3. Click Sync Now.

    Gradle Sync message in the Android Studio