Additional resources for animation

Try the Compose way
Jetpack Compose is the recommended UI toolkit for Android. Learn how to use Animations in Compose.

For more information about animation, consult the following resources.



There are many code samples available in the Android Animation samples GitHub repository that demonstrate specific animation techniques. There are a number of separate sample projects within this repository:

Project Description
ActivitySceneTransitionBasic Shows how to use shared element transitions from one Activity to another.
BasicTransition Shows how to use the Transitions library to create smooth transitions between UI states.
CustomTransition Shows how to create custom transitions using the Transitions library.
DrawableAnimations Shows how to create animated vector drawables.
GridToPager Shows how to create shared element transitions from a RecyclerView to a ViewPager and back again.
Interpolator Shows how different interpolators affect the dynamics of your animations.
Motion Shows how to implement various types of Material Design Motion for layouts, lists, and navigation.
MotionCompose Shows how to implement various different types of Material Design Motion for Jetpack Compose.
OurStreets Showcases shared element transitions throughout the app.
RevealEffectBasic Shows how to implement the circular reveal effect.
Unsplash The example code from the Google I/O '16 talk A window into transitions.