Device streaming in Android Studio

Device streaming in Android Studio represents new capabilities that let you securely connect to remote physical Android devices hosted in Google's secure data centers. It's the fastest and easiest way to test your app against physical units of some of the latest Android devices, including the Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro, Pixel Fold, select Samsung devices, and more.

After connecting to a device, you can deploy your app, view the display, interact with the device (including rotating or unfolding the device), and anything else you might do with a device over a direct ADB over SSL connection—all without leaving Android Studio. When you're done using the device, Google wipes all your data and factory reset the device before making it available to another developer.

Register your team for early access

Device streaming in Android Studio is available in Early Access Preview to select developers, and you can register today for you and your team to join the program.

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How much does the service cost?

During the Early Access Preview (EAP), billing is disabled. This means that you and your team can use device streaming in Android Studio at no cost. When pricing information becomes available, we will publish it and inform all EAP participants before billing is enabled.

Is my session secure and what happens when my session ends?

Device streaming in Android Studio is powered by Firebase. Each device is located in Google’s secure data centers and connects to your workstation using an ADB over SSL connection. When your session ends, device data is guaranteed to be fully wiped and factory reset before the device is made available to another developer.

What devices are available?

The service includes the most recent Google Pixel devices, such as the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. We also provide additional Pixel devices to cover earlier API levels. Additionally, we provide select OEM devices, including Samsung flagship phones, tablets, and foldables, with additional devices being added over time. EAP participants can provide feedback regarding which devices they want the service to provide by responding to requests for feedback.

Do I need to use Android Studio?

While Android Studio Iguana or later is required to connect to the service and request a device, the direct ADB over SSL connection lets you use any tools or IDEs that use ADB to communicate with test devices after you reserve and connect to a device.

Can my team share preview access to device streaming in Android Studio?

Yes! The service is designed for your team to access a wide range of devices to help optimize your app. When you register for the EAP, you need to provide a Firebase Project ID that Google uses to enable the service for you. Additionally, any other developer accounts that have either Owner or Editor permission to the Firebase project also gains access to the service.