An hour hand is a clock hand that rotates around a watch face once every 12 hours.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.


<HourHand resource ="string" x="integer" y="integer" width="integer"
             height="integer" pivotX="float" pivotY="float" alpha="integer"
             tintColor="argb-color | rgb-color" />


The HourHand element has the following attributes:

Required attributes

The following attributes are required:

A resource ID corresponding to the name of a drawable in the res directory.
x, y, width, height
A collection of integers that specify the element's size and position.

Optional attributes

The following attributes are optional:

pivotX, pivotY
A two-dimensional pivot point about which the element rotates. Both values are floating-point numbers that are scaled to fit in the range $ [0, 1] $.
Set the level of transparency that this element should have. A value of 0 indicates that the element should be completely transparent. A value of 255 indicates that the element should be completely opaque.
Apply a tint color filter to the element. You must specify the color using either the ARGB format (#ff000000 = opaque black) or the RGB format (#000000 = black).

Inner elements

The HourHand element can contain the following inner elements:

Allows for changing attributes of this element when the Wear OS device is in ambient mode. More information is available in the Variant reference.