Allows for conditionally showing a set of text and graphical elements based on the user's current true-or-false selection from a watch face options screen. This element references a user configuration BooleanConfiguration element that's defined elsewhere in the watch face file.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.


<!-- The ID doesn't need to be "showDate"; this is just an example. -->
    <BooleanConfiguration id="showDate" />
<!-- ... -->
<BooleanConfiguration id="showDate">
    <BooleanOption id="TRUE">
        <!-- Only the most common element is shown here -->
        <PartText ... />
    <BooleanOption id="FALSE" ... />


The BooleanConfiguration element has one required attribute, id. This is a string that must match the id value of a previously-defined user configuration BooleanConfiguration.

Inner elements

The BooleanConfiguration element can contain at most two BooleanOption inner elements. Each BooleanOption contains an id value of either TRUE or FALSE, and contains the graphical elements that should appear on the watch face when the user selects either "true" or "false" from a watch face's options screen, respectively.

Each BooleanOption inner element can contain one of the following elements: