The SequenceImages tag creates an animation from a sequence of images.


<SequenceImages loopCount="integer" thumbnail="string">
  <Image />
<SequenceImages />


The SequenceImages element can contain the following optional attributes:

How many times to repeat an animation before it stops. Defaults to 1.
A resource ID referring to a representative thumbnail for the animation. This can be used to render in place of the SequenceImages where animation is not supported (for example, in previews in the watch face carousel).

Allows developers to set the speed at which frames included in the SequenceImages should be played. For example, if the frameRate of SequenceImages with 30 images is set to 15, it is animated to show 30 frames in 2 seconds. If the frameRate is set to 30, 30 frames are played in 1 second.

Note also that this attribute determines the playback speed, but the device may skip frames if it doesn't support the requested framerate. For example, if a device with a framerate limit of 15 FPS shows a watch face where frameRate is set to 30 in a SequenceImages element, that element shows every other frame to emulate the requested framerate.

Inner elements

The SequenceImages element can contain any number of Image elements.