Since version 2

A stroke pattern with individual segments, which can take specified weights and colors. Of particular use for rendering GOAL_PROGRESS, RANGED_VALUE and WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS complications.


<WeightedStroke colors="argb-color-list" thickness="float"
    weights="weight-list" discreteGap="float" interpolate="boolean"
    cap="BUTT | ROUND | SQUARE" />


The WeightedStroke element has the following attributes:

Required attributes

The following attributes are required:


The colors of each element of the weighted stroke, as a space-separated list of hex values, for example: #FF0000 #00FF00 #0000FF.

When used to render GOAL_PROGRESS or RANGED_VALUE complication data that supplies color data, or with WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS, colors can be populated directly with [COMPLICATION.GOAL_PROGRESS_COLORS], [COMPLICATION.RANGED_VALUE_COLORS], or [COMPLICATION.WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS_COLORS].


The thickness of the stroke expressed as a float dimension.

Optional attributes

The following attributes are optional:


A space-separated list of values, which determine the proportion of the arc taken up by each weight, for example 1.0 2.0 3.0, where the third element takes up 3 times the angle of the first element.

When used to represent data from WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS complication, the [COMPLICATION.WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS_WEIGHTS] can be passed in directly.


The angle between each element. Defaults to 0.0.


When set to true, each element N from the weights list has a color gradient from color N to color N+1 of the colors list, as opposed to a solid color.

When used to represent data from GOAL_PROGRESS or RANGED_VALUE complications, you can pass in values for the [COMPLICATION.GOAL_PROGRESS_COLORS_INTERPOLATE] or [COMPLICATION.RANGED_VALUE_COLORS_INTERPOLATE] fields directly. When used in representing WEIGHTED_ELEMENTS complication data, set interpolate to false.

Defaults to false.


Determine the shape of the edge of the stroke. Supported values are:

  • BUTT causes the stroke to end with the path, and not project beyond it.
  • ROUNDcauses the stroke to project out as a semicircle, with the center at the end of the path.
  • SQUARE causes the stroke to project out as a square, with the center at the end of the path.

Inner elements

The WeightedStroke element can contain the following elements: