Monitoring performance

Tracking and analyzing performance of your application provides valuable insight about a user's overall experience. Continuous monitoring of performance allows you to identify potential issues and optimize for those paths before they can impact more users.

Android vitals

Android vitals helps you improve the stability and performance of Google Play apps on Android devices. For the best end-user experience, we recommend monitoring and prioritizing your app vitals. For more information, see Android vitals overview.

Firebase Performance Monitoring

Firebase Performance Monitoring is a service that helps you to gain insight into the performance characteristics of your app. Use the Performance Monitoring SDK to collect performance data from your app, then review and analyze that data in the Firebase console. For more information, see Firebase Performance Monitoring.

JankStats library

Use the JankStats library to track and analyze slow rendering frames in your application and generate reports on the jank statistics impacting your users. For more information on integrating this to your app, see JankStats library.

Continuous integration

Run benchmarks as part of your CI pipeline to track performance over time, and recognize performance regressions (or improvements) before you push the update to your users. For more information, see Run benchmarks in continuous integration.