Show confirmations on Wear

Confirmation animations give users visual feedback when they complete an action. They cover the entire screen to ensure that users can see these confirmations at a glance.

In most cases, you won't need to use a separate confirmation animation. Review Design principles for more information.

The Jetpack Wearable UI Library provides ConfirmationActivity to display a confirmation animation in your apps.

Show confirmation animations

ConfirmationActivity is used to display confirmation animations after the user completes an action on the wearable.

There are three types of confirmations:

  • Success: the action was completed successfully on the wearable.
  • Failure: the action failed to complete.
  • Open on Phone: the action has caused something to display on the phone, or in order to complete the action, the user needs to go to their phone to continue.

To show a confirmation animation when users complete an action in your app, create an intent that starts ConfirmationActivity from one of your activities. Set the EXTRA_ANIMATION_TYPE to one of the following values:

To use ConfirmationActivity in your app, first declare this activity in your manifest file, as shown in the following example:


Determine the result of the user action, start the activity with an intent, and add a message that appears under the confirmation icon, as shown in the following example:

val intent = Intent(this, {
    putExtra(ConfirmationActivity.EXTRA_ANIMATION_TYPE, ConfirmationActivity.SUCCESS_ANIMATION)
    putExtra(ConfirmationActivity.EXTRA_MESSAGE, getString(R.string.msg_sent))

After showing the confirmation animation, the ConfirmationActivity finishes and your activity resumes.