<permission-group android:description="string resource"
                  android:icon="drawable resource"
                  android:label="string resource"
                  android:name="string" />
contained in:
Declares a name for a logical grouping of related permissions. Individual permissions join the group through the permissionGroup attribute of the <permission> element. Members of a group are presented together in the user interface.

This element doesn't declare a permission itself, only a category in which permissions can be placed. For information about declaring permissions and assigning them to groups, see the <permission> element.

User-readable text that describes the group. The text is longer and more explanatory than the label. This attribute must be set as a reference to a string resource. Unlike the label attribute, it can't be a raw string.
An icon representing the permission. This attribute must be set as a reference to a drawable resource containing the image definition.
A user-readable name for the group. As a convenience, the label can be directly set as a raw string while you're developing the application. However, when the application is ready to be published, set it as a reference to a string resource, so that it can be localized like other strings in the user interface.
The name of the group. This is the name that can be assigned to a <permission> element's android:permissionGroup attribute.
introduced in:
API level 1
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