added in version 26.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public abstract class TransitionPropagation
extends Object

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Extend TransitionPropagation to customize start delays for Animators created in createAnimator(ViewGroup, TransitionValues, TransitionValues). A Transition such as Explode defaults to using CircularPropagation and Views closer to the epicenter will move out of the scene later and into the scene sooner than Views farther from the epicenter, giving the appearance of inertia. With no TransitionPropagation, all Views will react simultaneously to the start of the transition.


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Public methods

abstract void captureValues(TransitionValues transitionValues)

Captures the values in the start or end scene for the properties that this transition propagation monitors.

abstract String[] getPropagationProperties()

Returns the set of property names stored in the TransitionValues object passed into captureValues(TransitionValues) that this transition propagation cares about for the purposes of preventing duplicate capturing of property values.

abstract long getStartDelay(ViewGroup sceneRoot, Transition transition, TransitionValues startValues, TransitionValues endValues)

Called by Transition to alter the Animator start delay.

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