added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class MediaRouteControllerDialog
extends AlertDialog


This class implements the route controller dialog for MediaRouter.

This dialog allows the user to control or disconnect from the currently selected route.


Inherited constants

From interface android.content.DialogInterface

Public constructors

MediaRouteControllerDialog(Context context)
MediaRouteControllerDialog(Context context, int theme)

Public methods

View getMediaControlView()

Gets the media control view that was created by onCreateMediaControlView(Bundle).

MediaSessionCompat.Token getMediaSession()

Gets the session to use for metadata and transport controls.

MediaRouter.RouteInfo getRoute()

Gets the route that this dialog is controlling.

boolean isVolumeControlEnabled()

Returns whether to enable the volume slider and volume control using the volume keys when the route supports it.

void onAttachedToWindow()
View onCreateMediaControlView(Bundle savedInstanceState)

Provides the subclass an opportunity to create a view that will replace the default media controls for the currently playing content.

void onDetachedFromWindow()
boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)
boolean onKeyUp(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)
void setVolumeControlEnabled(boolean enable)

Sets whether to enable the volume slider and volume control u