added in version 26.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder
extends Object


Builder class for ShortcutInfoCompat objects.


Public constructors

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder(Context context, String id)

Public methods

ShortcutInfoCompat build()

Creates a ShortcutInfoCompat instance.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setActivity(ComponentName activity)

Sets the target activity.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setAlwaysBadged()

Badges the icon before passing it over to the Launcher.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setDisabledMessage(CharSequence disabledMessage)

Sets the message that should be shown when the user attempts to start a shortcut that is disabled.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setIcon(IconCompat icon)

Sets an icon of a shortcut.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setIntent(Intent intent)

Sets the intent of a shortcut.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setIntents(Intent[] intents)

Sets multiple intents instead of a single intent, in order to launch an activity with other activities in back stack.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setLongLabel(CharSequence longLabel)

Sets the text of a shortcut.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setShortLabel(CharSequence shortLabel)

Sets the short title of a shortcut.

Inherited methods

From class java.lang.Object

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