added in version 25.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class BatchingListUpdateCallback
extends Object implements ListUpdateCallback


Wraps a ListUpdateCallback callback and batches operations that can be merged.

For instance, when 2 add operations comes that adds 2 consecutive elements, BatchingListUpdateCallback merges them and calls the wrapped callback only once.

This is a general purpose class and is also used by DiffResult and SortedList to minimize the number of updates that are dispatched.

If you use this class to batch updates, you must call dispatchLastEvent() when the stream of update events drain.


Public constructors

BatchingListUpdateCallback(ListUpdateCallback callback)

Public methods

void dispatchLastEvent()

BatchingListUpdateCallback holds onto the last event to see if it can be merged with the next one.

void onChanged(int position, int count, Object payload)

Called when count number of items are updated at the given position.

void onInserted(int position, int count)

Called when count number of items are inserted at the given position.

void onMoved(int fromPosition, int toPosition)

Called when an item changes its position in the list.

void onRemoved(int position, int count)

Called when count number of items are removed from the given position.

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