added in version 26.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class PlayerAdapter.Callback
extends Object


Client for client of PlayerAdapter.


Public constructors


Public methods

void onBufferedPositionChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Event for getBufferedPosition() changed.

void onBufferingStateChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter, boolean start)

Event for buffering start or stop.

void onCurrentPositionChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Event for getCurrentPosition() changed.

void onDurationChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Event for getDuration() changed.

void onError(PlayerAdapter adapter, int errorCode, String errorMessage)

Event for error.

void onMetadataChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Event for meta data changed.

void onPlayCompleted(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Client when the current media is finished.

void onPlayStateChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Client for Play/Pause state change.

void onPreparedStateChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter)

Client for isPrepared() changed.

void onVideoSizeChanged(PlayerAdapter adapter, int width, int height)

Event for video size changed.

Inherited methods

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