In today's competitive gaming market, it's more important than ever to reach as wide an audience as possible. By developing games for different form factors, such as mobile devices, tablets, and desktop, you can tap into a larger pool of potential players and increase your chances of success.

Form factors for games

Form factor is the physical size and shape of a device, such as a tablet in portrait or landscape orientation or foldable phone folded or unfolded. Carefully consider device window size, resolution, and input methods when developing your game to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices so you can distribute your game more broadly, reach a wider audience, and provide a multi-device user experience.

Android and ChromeOS

Android devices are available in a variety of form factors and window sizes. Common categories you should care about include the following:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Foldable devices
  • Google Play Games on PC
  • Chromebooks, including clamshell, convertible, and detachables
  • Android TVs
  • Cars with Android Auto
  • Google Play Instant

Games that already perform well on Android mobile devices can be optimized and expanded to other form factors to maximize player reach.