Player statistics in Unity games

The Player Stats API let you tailor game experiences to specific segments of players and different stages of the player lifecycle. You can build tailored experiences for each player segment based on how players are progressing, spending, and engaging. For example, you can use this API to take proactive actions to encourage a less active player to re-engage with your game, such as by displaying and promoting new in-game items when the player signs in.

The callback takes two parameters: 1. The result code less than or equal to zero is success. See CommonStatusCodes for all values. 2. The PlayerStats object of type GooglePlayGames.PlayGamesLocalUser.PlayerStats

For more information see the player stats guide.

The player stats are available after authenticating:

    ((PlayGamesLocalUser)Social.localUser).GetStats((rc, stats) =>
            // -1 means cached stats, 0 is success
            // see  CommonStatusCodes for all values.
            if (rc <= 0 && stats.HasDaysSinceLastPlayed()) {
                Debug.Log("It has been " + stats.DaysSinceLastPlayed + " days");