Google Play Games is in open beta.

Get started with Google Play Games

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Review the requirements checklist to determine the feasibility of building your game for Google Play Games. You can start by testing on a Chromebook, and register your interest for early emulator access.

Google Play Games requirements checklist

There is a stricter approval process for Google Play Games than mobile. Use this checklist to verify that you've completed all the necessary steps before submitting a build to ensure a quick approval process.

Test on a Chrome OS

Until the Google Play Games emulator is available in your region, you can test your game on Chrome OS. Use this to:

  • Verify that your x86 and x86-64 builds function
  • Ensure that your game is playable with a mouse and keyboard
  • Update your UI for large displays
  • Perform preliminary optimizations on desktop computing devices

You will need to wait for for the emulator availability to:

  • Test and integrate Google Play Games specific SDKs
  • Perform any emulator specific optimizations to your game code or render pipeline