Game controllers offer a more engaging and tactical way to play, delivering better accuracy and responsiveness than on-screen controls. It is ideal for a variety of gaming genres, including first-person shooters, racing games, and platformers, where precision movement and quick reflexes are crucial. By connecting a game controller to your Android-powered device, you can take advantage of a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, similar to what you'd expect on a gaming console.

Experience a curated selection of games optimized for controller use with our exclusive Controller Carousel in Play Pass. This carousel showcases a rotating selection of premium and indie games that are best enjoyed with a game controller. From action-packed adventures and racing simulators to intricate strategy games, the Controller Carousel helps you discover new and exciting titles that are perfectly suited for a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Google Play Pass has a controller-friendly section that is manually curated.
Figure 1. Google Play Pass has a controller-friendly section that is manually curated.

Multi-form factor

Android's broad compatibility with diverse device form factors extends to game controllers, allowing you to elevate your gaming experience whether you're playing on a mobile phone, a large screen tablet or even through a TV. Large screens and Android TV devices are perfect for a console-like experience in the comfort of your living room, offering rich visuals and the ability to play more graphically intensive games. This cross-device compatibility not only enhances gameplay but also broadens your choices, ensuring that the best gaming experiences are accessible on any Android-powered device.

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