The developer emulator for PC

This page describes how to set up the developer emulator for Google Play Games on PC on a PC and then run your game for testing purposes.

The developer emulator (HPE_Dev) is a developer-focused build of Google Play Games on PC designed to make it easier to build and test your game before shipping it to players. Unlike the player experience, the developer emulator allows you to deploy games directly (sideload APKs) and adjust some graphics and hardware settings to validate different player configurations.

Before you get started

The developer emulator uses the Android Debug Bridge (adb) to load APK files. If you haven't already done so, we recommend that you install one of the following tools, which include the latest version of adb:

Download and install the developer emulator

We're not quite ready to share the developer emulator at this time. To prepare your game in advance, see Test your Google Play Games on PC game. To get notified when it's available, see express interest.