Google Play Games is in open beta.

Troubleshoot game compatibility with the developer emulator

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This topic describes the troubleshooting steps to take when your game fails to load in the developer emulator for Google Play Games for PC. After you complete these steps you can make another attempt to test your game in the emulator.

Before you get started

Before you get started, make sure that you've completed the steps in the following guides:

Verify Play Console settings

In Google Play Console, verify that the following settings are configured:


  1. Form Factor: Google Play Games on PC only

    • Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Form factor and verify that Google Play Games on PC only is added.
  2. Closed testing: Google Play Games on PC only

    • Go to the Closed testing track and verify that Google Play Games on PC only is added.
  3. Countries / regions: United States, United Kingdom

    • Go to the Countries / regions tab in the Closed testing track and verify that United States and United Kingdom are added.
  4. Google Groups:

    • Go to Testers tab > Google Groups and verify that
    • You can also grant track access by creating your own group under this setting.
  5. Build status: Release

    • Verify that you submitted a build on the Closed testing track from the previous steps and that the Build status is set to Release.

Device compatibility

After you verify your release settings, verify the following settings in Google Play Console:

  1. Go to Reach and devices > Device catalog > All devices and then type Google Play Games for PC in the search bar.

  2. Device mode(google vsoc_kiwi_x86_64): Supported

    1. Verify that Device mode(google vsoc_kiwi_x86_64) is labeled as Supported.
      • If it is labeled as Unsupported, click the arrow icon, and then Show more to display to display details about fixing the issue.