The Game Dashboard is composed of multiple components that provide quick access to commonly used features.

Enabling the Game Dashboard

To enable or disable the Game Dashboard, go to Settings > Google > Game Dashboard and turn on or off Use Game Dashboard as shown in the following screenshots.

Game Dashboard Settings - Steps!


If the Game Dashboard entry is not showing up in Settings, make sure that your Google Play Services has been updated. To update your Google Play Services, follow the instructions listed in Keep your device & apps working with Google Play Services.

Entrypoint Icon

The Entrypoint Icon opens the Game Dashboard Overlay. It is revealed from the top right corner of the screen when the user swipes to reveal the system UI bar inside of a fullscreen immersive game. Tapping the Entrypoint Icon opens the Game Dashboard Overlay.

Entrypoint Icon!

Game Dashboard Overlay

The Game Dashboard Overlay is an activity launched on top of the game and provides access to a suite of in-game features. It consists of two section containers, Toggles and Tiles.

Game Dashboard Overlay!


Toggle buttons show or hide their associated features in the Shortcut Bar or enable or disable them immediately.


Tiles provide the functionalities offered by the Game Dashboard in the context of the running game. For example:

Shortcut Bar

The Shortcut Bar provides easy access to common functionalities such as taking a screenshot, recording gameplay, or monitoring FPS without leaving the game. The icons present on the Shortcut Bar are set by the Toggle buttons within the Game Dashboard Overlay. The Shortcut Bar can be docked on the side of the screen to minimize its presence over the game.

Shortcut Bar Docked!

Shortcut Bar Expanded!