Distribute and support your game

Use the following best practices to help you distribute and support your Android game.

Launch on Google Play

The Google Play Store lets you launch your game to an audience of billions of Android users.

Sell digital products and content

If your game sells digital products and content, such as in-app purchases or subscriptions, integrate the Google Play billing system to conduct transactions using the Google Play Store.

Secure your game

For games that communicate with servers, the SafetyNet Attestation API is an anti-abuse API that can help assess whether your servers are interacting with your genuine game running on a genuine Android device.

Support in-app updates

To notify your players of updates to your game, integrate the In-app updates functionality of the Play Core library.

Reply to user reviews

If you use customer support tools such as a CRM system, integrate it with the Reply to Reviews API to read and reply to recent customer reviews.

Release with Google Play Instant

Google Play Instant enables native games to launch without being installed. By allowing users an instant experience, you improve your game's discovery, which helps drive more active users or installations. See Add support for instant access for a Google Play Instant guide tailored to games.